Stove Top Cover

  • $165.00

This handmade stove top cover is meticulously crafted from premium, solid wood, ensuring excellent quality and longevity. In addition to its functional use as a stove cover, it doubles as a stylish serving tray, adding a rustic touch to your farmhouse-themed home decor.

We offer the stove cover board in the two most popular stove sizes in Australia: 60cm and 90cm. For the 60cm stove, the accurate dimensions of the board are approximately 60cm in width and 60cm in length For the 90cm stove, the accurate dimensions of the board are approximately 60cm in width, 90 in length Please note that these measurements are provided as an estimate and may vary slightly. It is highly recommended that you provide us with the exact measurements of your stove in "THE NOTE TO SELLER" at checkout.

You have the option to choose from various stain options, including Walnut, rustic white,Black, Dark brown and Grey. Custom designs can be added upon request for an additional fee of $20. Please contact us to discuss your options! To further customise your board, you can select handles in black, silver, or gold. If you prefer a different handle type, please contact us before placing your order to ensure we can accommodate your request 

**Disclaimer: Safe Usage of Stove Top Cover**

Please read and understand the following before using our stove top cover:

1. Our stove top covers are designed for use on cool, inactive stovetops. **Never use the cover on a hot or active burner.**

2. Ensure the stovetop cover is placed securely, flat, and evenly on the stove. **Do not force it onto the burners.**

3. **Do not attempt to cook or heat food directly on the stove top cover.** It is not intended for cooking purposes and should not be exposed to direct heat or flame.

4. **Always turn off and cool down your stovetop completely before placing the cover.** Failure to do so may cause damage to the cover and the stovetop.

5. **Keep the stove top cover away from open flames and excessive heat.**

By purchasing and using our stove top cover, you acknowledge and accept that it is intended solely for protection and aesthetic purposes and is not a cooking appliance. Cerise Reclaimed Home Decor and Its owners disclaim any responsibility for improper use, damage, or accidents resulting from misuse of this product. Users are responsible for using the product safely and as intended.

Our turnaround for this product is 3-4 weeks. Please allow shipping time.

***if you need the stove top in different sizes please contact us. We love custom orders!

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